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The whole plant
for your whole body.


The Meridian Vitality Product Line

Topical Relief Cannabis Cream

Topical Relief Cannabis Cream

Topical Relief Cannabis Cream

Benefits of the Whole Plant.

Whole plant extracts contain the benefits of all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids Cannabis offers, which results in longer-lasting, more overall therapeutic treatment. 


The term “Entourage Effect” is a theory of Cannabis that has long been believed by Cannabis users that is only recently being researched.  It is the belief that the compounds in Cannabis work in synergy to create a more well-rounded, therapeutic effect than isolated compounds.  After many years of Cannabis experience and following the latest Cannabis research I do believe in the Entourage Effect and I believe using the whole plant instead of isolates creates an overall longer and stronger therapeutic effect when used in the Cannabis Cream. 


By adding Essential Oils like Tangerine and Copaiba their terpene profiles help further enhance the therapeutic effect of the Cannabis Cream.

Benefits of whole plant

Our Story

Five years ago, Sharon Humphries left her job as a geriatric social-worker to focus on caring for her father who had been diagnosed with cancer.  He used cannabis edibles and smoking to deal with his pain and nausea. Having witnessed first-hand the long known benefits of Cannabis, Sharon began to experiment by making her own cannabis topicals. 


Sharon developed a cream that utilized the whole plant and coupled it with select essential oils known for their healing benefits.   Initially set up as a Cannabis Collective under Prop 215, Meridian Vitality has developed a loyal following over the past 5 years, solely by word of mouth, throughout the senior communities in “The Inland Empire” (San Bernardino and Riverside County).  Sharon’s clients have found that Meridian Vitality is the only product that has provided relief for their arthritis pain and injuries.  It is also used to aid in recovery from surgical wounds, helping to mitigate swelling and bruising.  Sharon, with her extensive knowledge of the benefits of cannabis, has worked with several of her client to transition from opioids to cannabis.     


With the legalization of Cannabis, Sharon is excited for the opportunity to move the manufacturing from her home kitchen into a state-of-the-art production facility in San Diego County.  This will allow her to significantly increase the production and expand the distribution capabilities of Meridian Vitality beyond “The Inland Empire,”  while maintaining the quality of her products.


Consumer Testimonials

Nancy, 55 

"I rub the cream into my knees and hips and it really helps relieve the sharp pains and the tightness in the surrounding muscles after standing and walking for too long. I like that it’s not greasy after I rub it in."

Andy, 45

"I get very tight in my neck and shoulders after working and driving.  I love to come home and rub some of the cream on because it melts away the tightness and relieves the soreness in the muscles. "

Sandy, 80

"I had had terrible knee pain for years from Arthritis and when my niece recommended I try the cream to help ease the pain I gave it a try.  It really worked!"


Please feel free to contact us via the form below, and in most cases we will get back to you within 24 hours.

PHONE NUMBER: 123-456-7890


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Quinn, 54 

"As a former  professional football player with 12 seasons in the NFL, pain management  is a part of my life
and I rely on Sharon's creams to help me to feel like I'm at the top of my game."

Abigail, 61

"I started using the Cream about a year ago after I fell and really bruised my knees. It decreased the pain in my knees greatly and after I healed I kept using the cream for other aches and pains in my Achilles tendons and shoulders."

Joseph, 46

"My mother gets chronic shoulder pain at night and after using the cream for a week it's amazing to hear that she already feels like a different person."

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